5B's acquisition of IXL Solar’s manufacturing business: FAQs

Why did 5B make this investment?

The acquisition of IXL Solar's operations will significantly bolster our in-house R&D capability and provide additional support to our 5B Ecosystem Partners.
This will result in:
  • More product innovation
  • Improved processes
  • Better overall project delivery
It is an important strategic step in gearing up for Sun Cable's pioneering 20GW Australia-Asia PowerLink project in northern Australia, as well as other gigawatt-scale solar projects around the world.

Will this reduce assembly/supply costs?

Our research and development team are laser-focused on product improvements to our 5B Maverick solution. We will continue to drive performance up and cost and complexity down.
In the last 12 months working with IXL Solar we have been able to reduce the production cost of 5B Maverick by more than 60 percent and increase the size of a single 5B Maverick block, or unit, by 50 percent, to 48kWDC.

Any change to supplier contracts?

Yes. Someone from 5B will be in touch to re-enter into these contracts and ensure you are set up correctly with our finance term. If you have any questions, please contact suppliers@5b.co

What impact will this have on 5B Ecosystem partners?

The acquisition will enable 5B to provide more support to 5B Ecosystem Partners in terms of onboarding and set-up, increased agility and responsiveness to customers, and accelerate product and process innovation.
If you have any questions please contact field.services@5b.com.au for deployment partner queries.

Will this acquisition result in a reduction in manufacturing lead times?

This investment gives us increased agility and responsiveness to customers. This is not a vertical integration. Rather, we believe it will turbocharge the prefabrication, deployment and in-field performance of our 5B Maverick technology at gigawatt-scale because we have more control over assembly scheduling.

How do 5B Australia's standard trading terms and conditions differ from IXL Solar?

We can provide a copy of our standard trading terms and conditions upon request. Please contact sales@5b.co for more information.

What about warranties?

5B intends to honour the current terms of all warranties for IXL Solar customers of 5B Maverick. For any questions, please contact warranties@5b.co.

How many staff are joining 5B as part of this transaction?

We will welcome 20 manufacturing specialists and support staff to 5B as part of this investment.

What is 5B’s total headcount now?

The acquisition of IXL will bring 5B’s total headcount to 188.

Is 5B buying the IXL Solar name/brand?