About 5B

5B is an innovative technology business, founded in 2013 by solar engineers, Chris McGrath and Eden Tehan. Our name, 5B, is a constant reminder of the 5 billion years of sunshine we have left, and motivates us to strive for the simplest, most effective ways to leverage this resource.

But we can't do this alone. 5B's finely tuned ecosystem allows our solution to be produced anywhere in the world, at scale, with our network of channel, assembly and deployment partners.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A world where abundant, accessible, affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs

Our Mission

We are mavericks of our time and tenacious leaders of the renewable revolution. We will accelerate the planet’s transition to fast, easy, low-cost clean energy by harnessing the full power of the sun. To do this we will drive a paradigm shift in the delivery, integration and operation of clean energy, from project-by-project, in-situ construction to rapid deployment of standardised products and solutions. We will scale globally through an ecosystem of partners, collaborators and complementary technologies. We will succeed thanks to our innovative minds, inspired people and bold culture.

Our Values

  • Safety. Be focused and present, stop work when needed
  • Be bold. Cultivate a maverick mindset that takes calculated risks and learns from mistakes
  • Stay true. Hone your honesty, stay open to others and honour your word
  • Build bridges, cross borders. Seek synergies from inclusion and nurture culture from diverse communities
  • Keep asking why. Unlock creativity and meet challenges through curiosity and tenacious exploration
  • Answer to yourself. Make your mark with applied-passion and methodical proactivity
  • Give back. Champion sustainable communities, environment and economy