5B Ecosystem Partners

The world needs terawatts of solar energy over the next decade... Together, we can make this happen.

5B have developed the MAVERICK solution in order to assist in our urgently needed energy transition. Solar is now being delivered much more rapidly but an ecosystem is crucial to rapidly scale up.

We need a network of superstar partners to help us assemble and deliver MAVERICK systems, reaching the far corners of the globe.

MAVERICK is a patent-protected technology which allows for solar arrays to be deployment simpler, faster and smarter. It consists of prefabricated, pre-wired solar modular blocks (MAVs), which can be packed onto a truck, shipped to site and rolled onto the ground with a team of 3. It is suited to both small and large-scale solar applications and improves supply chain efficiency, simplifies deployment and reduces risk & costs.

Up to
80% less
labour on site
Up to
10 x faster

~2 x more
energy generated
per area od land use

~10% less
cost of energy
(and reducint fast)

MAVERICK is pre-wired, prefabricated solar array that is assembled in a factory, packed up and shipped to site where it can be rolled out with a forklift by a team of three.

Prefabricated in a factory
Shipped to side deployment-ready
Rapid on-site deployment
Plug & play integration


Why partner with us?
Training and Certification
Tooling and Tech
Marketing and Lead gen
Business growth
R&D and Quality management

Who we're looking for

We genuinely live and breathe our mission, vision and values and we want to partner with those who share them. We want to hear from you if your organisation aligns with our vision, wants to further our mission and shares our values.

Vision & Mission

We envision a world where abundant, accessible, affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs.

We will scale globally through an ecosystem of partners, collaborators and complementary technologies.


Be bold. Cultivate a maverick mindset that takes calculated risks and learns from mistakes
Stay true. Hone your honesty, stay open to others and honour your word
Build bridges, cross borders. Seek synergies from inclusion and nurture culture from diverse communities
Keep asking why. Unlock creativity and meet challenges through curiosity and tenacious exploration
Answer to yourself. Make your mark with applied-passion and methodical proactivity
Give back. Champion sustainable communities, environment and economy