The new 5B Maverick is here

Published: 21 October 2021

New 5B Maverick unveiled with breakthrough performance and improved safety

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: 5B today introduced the powerful new 5B Maverick™, with a higher capacity 48-50kWDC solar array and plug-and-play wiring designed for faster, easier and safer on-site deployment.*

Optimised for the 540-550W module class - the workhorse of the utility-scale solar industry - 5B Maverick is an Australian-designed prefabricated, ground-mount, self ballasted array, enabling rapid deployment for mining, commercial and industrial, and large-scale solar power generation.

5B’s commitment to continuous innovation has resulted in an increase in the number of 5B Maverick features that are prefabricated and factory-assembled. This has the dual benefit of reducing onsite installation time, while significantly improving safety for solar project deployment. The deployment of 5B Mavericks now requires less high risk activities, such as pilling and manual handling, and minimal vehicles and labour required onsite.

Featuring the brand new composite beam design, which enhances stability in high-wind environments, and 90 modules compatible with all Silicon Module Super League and Tier 1 module suppliers, the new 5B Maverick can deliver up to 30 per cent more power than the previous generation, making it the most capable 5B Maverick ever.

The increased power capacity of the new 6m wide 5B Maverick delivers improved shipping density. The advanced design enables arrays to be positioned more closely onsite, improving land utilisation and supporting robotic vegetation management and module cleaning.

The new 5B Maverick is available to order from today.
“The powerful new 5B Maverick is a testimony to 5B’s passion and commitment to continuous innovation, and determination to lead from the front in the global gigawatt solar revolution,” 5B chief technology officer, Simeon Baker-Finch says.

“Our research and development team is laser-focused on product improvements to our 5B Maverick solution. We will continue to drive performance up and cost and complexity down.”

  • Plug and play: new 5B Maverick features preconfigured electricals for rapid connection of return cables to inverter onsite.

  • New composite beam design: enhanced steel-concrete composite in the 10-beam array, coupled with its ground-hugging aerodynamic efficient design, significantly boosts the resilience of the new 5B Maverick in high wind environments. With minimal ground penetration, the 5B Maverick is suited to sites with 48 m/s wind speed. It can be deployed on sites with wind speeds as high as 75 m/s with minor upgrades to configuration.

  • 200kW in a box: the new 5B Maverick has been weight and size optimised using precision engineering for efficient transportation by road, rail and shipping. Each array weighs under 6000kg, four 5P10B arrays fit compactly into a standard 40’ High-Cube shipping container, utilising maximum space while remaining under the maximum payload.

  • Comfortably deployed in corrosion category C3 environments.

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About 5B

5B is a Sydney-headquartered, clean technology innovator on a mission to accelerate the planet’s transition to fast, easy, ultra-low-cost clean energy by harnessing the full power of the sun. 5B has transformed the delivery of solar projects with its prefabricated, modular, scalable, rapidly-deployable flagship 5B Maverick solar technology. It has a growing base of more than 50 customers served by a global network of 5B Ecosystem Partners.


*Compared to the previous generation 5B Maverick and SAT.