5B and SolarMovil accelerate adoption of ultra low-cost solar in Chile

Published: 29 March 2022

SANTIAGO, CHILE: 5B, a pioneer in prefabricated, rapidly deployable solar solutions, today announced SolarMovil as a new deployment partner to build and deliver ultra low-cost solar plants throughout Chile.

SolarMovil is currently deploying 219 5B Maverick arrays with a generation capacity of over 10MWp in the Atacama Desert at the Andes Solar facility of AES.

5B’s operations in Latin America have expanded rapidly since launching in April 2021. Utility-scale developers, C&I developers, and EPCs have shown strong interest in its powerful 5B Maverick solution which can be deployed up to 10 times faster, and generates up to twice the energy using the same amount of land as conventional solar.*

5B Co-Founder and General Manager, International, Eden Tehan, says: “An increasing number of companies like SolarMovil are becoming part of the 5B partner ecosystem, motivated by a common purpose to transition to an ultra low cost clean energy future.”

“Chile is an important market for us with a large and fast-growing solar industry. It has an incredible natural resource with high quality sunshine. The Chilean government has announced a series of ambitious energy transition policies, including a national green hydrogen strategy with ambitious targets. It has stated a desire to export solar energy and 5B is involved with a similar project as the preferred solar technology supplier to Sun Cable’s pioneering 20GW Australia-Asia PowerLink project in Australia’s north.”

Javier Villena Lechuga, General Manager and Founder of SolarMovil, says today’s announcement will help it deliver on its mission to bring renewable energy to legacy industries like mining. It will help those industries to optimize and improve production, reduce costs, and meet net zero emissions targets.

“We’re proud to be among the first companies in South America to partner with 5B. We share a strong partnership based on our synergies and purpose,” Mr Villena Lechuga says. “Our team has spent time in the US working with 5B gaining the skills and experience to deliver large solar power projects at speed.”


5B media contact: Bernadette Jolley +61 404 311 044 bernadette.jolley@5b.co

About 5B

5B is a Sydney-headquartered clean technology innovator on a mission to accelerate the planet’s transition to fast, easy, ultra-low-cost clean energy by harnessing the full power of the sun. 5B has transformed the delivery of solar projects with its prefabricated, modular, scalable, rapidly deployable flagship 5B Maverick solar technology. It has a growing base of more than 50 customers served by a global network of 5B Ecosystem Partners. www.5b.co

About SolarMovil

SolarMovil is a Chile-based company that designs and builds mobile renewable energy for projects across Chile that require temporary and off-grid energy demand. Its innovative and flexible solutions allow mining and other industries to optimize production processes, reduce costs, and improve environmental responsibility through the supply of clean energy. www.solarmovilchile.cl