MEDIA RELEASE-5B and GASCO Luz team up to accelerate growth of energy market in LATAM

Published: 16 May 2022

SANTIAGO de CHILE: 5B, a pioneer in prefabricated, rapidly deployable solar solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with GASCO Luz, a leading company in net billing services in Chile, to develop a solar offering for purchase power agreements that can be commissioned more quickly at lower cost.

Under the partnership, GASCO Luz will become a licensed deployment partner of 5B’s flagship Maverick solution, aiming to deploy 1MW of 5B Mavericks over the next year, with the first 300kWAC project scheduled for June 2022. The powerful 5B Maverick™ array can be deployed up to 10 times faster and is capable of generating 90 to 100 per cent more energy per unit area than incumbent single axis tracker and fixed tilt structures.* “We are always looking for new technologies to significantly reduce the deployment timeframe to both improve the customer experience and scale down the labor costs of construction compared with other structures,” GASCO Luz Chief Executive Officer, Juan Francisco Richards, says. “This technology will enable faster growth for the distributed generation market. As the demand for construction projects has increased, the ability to deploy several projects in a shorter time window is the competitive advantage needed to push renewable energy penetration on an industrial scale,” Richards says. While the powerful 5B Maverick is designed for utility-scale projects, the unique ability of the technology to be packed up, moved and redeployed at another location creates the opportunity for a solar-as-a-service offering that isn’t possible with conventional single access tracker or fixed tilt solar systems. “The ability to easily shift the location of a solar farm within days and continue to sweat the assets is a game changer,” 5B Co-Founder and General Manager, International, Eden Tehan, says. “It makes solar more commercially viable for customers with short and medium-term needs, under 10 years.” 5B undertook its first commercial-scale remobilisation of 5B Mavericks at a customer site in Panama earlier this year. The redeployable nature of 5B Maverick also cracks open new business models for off-grid power generation and service suppliers. With global miners and oil and gas producers seeking to cut embedded emissions in their supply chains, 5B can help reduce the risk of stranded assets while also allowing for efficient end-of-life recycling.

* Comparisons made with installations of comparable size and geography. 

5B media contact: Bernadette Jolley +61 404 311 044 GASCO Luz contact: About 5B 5B is a Sydney headquartered clean technology innovator on a mission to accelerate the planet’s transition to fast, easy, ultra-low-cost clean energy by harnessing the full power of the sun. 5B has transformed the delivery of solar projects with its prefabricated, modular, scalable, rapidly deployable flagship 5B Maverick™ solar technology. It has a growing base of more than 50 customers served by a global network of 5B Ecosystem Partners. About GASCO Luz GASCO Luz was born from both the leadership of Ciudad Luz in the solar photovoltaic market and the trajectory of Empresas Gasco delivering energy solutions. Our clients receive the added benefits of clean energy supply for their consumption and saving energy costs without the client having to invest. Clean, reliable and affordable energy for the future of Latin America.