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Introducing 5B Maverick

5B MaverickTM is an Australian-designed ground mount solar solution designed to be safer, more cost effective and faster to deploy for offgrid, commercial and industrial, and large-scale solar power generation, compared to traditional single axis solar trackers or comparable solar racking solutions.

Robust and redeployable, each 5B Maverick array consists of up to 90 solar panels, mounted on specially designed racks, and optimised for the workhorse 540-550W module class of the utility scale solar industry.

5B Maverick is a fully prefabricated, plug & play solar farm in a box.

5B Maverick at a glance

  • Safe: Reduced deployment times, less heavy equipment, and less onsite labour can result in a significant improvement in the safety for solar farm deployment, particularly when compared to traditional single axis solar trackers, or comparable solar racking solutions.
  • Cost effective: Efficiencies in assembly, deployment and logistics can result in lower cost of megawatt hour of energy when compared to traditional single axis solar trackers, or comparable solar racking solutions.
  • Fast deployment: The prewired, preconfigured, solar farm in-a-box design can deliver significant reductions in deployment times, when compared to fixed-mount and trackers.
  • Low onsite labour: Significant reductions in the onsite labour requirements and the cost of civil works associated with traditional solar farm construction in sites.
  • Powerful: No corridors, no moving parts and minimal gaps between structures means you can get the same energy output as you would from fixed-mount trackers on significantly less land.

  • Prefabricated in a factory
    Shipped to site deployment-ready
    Rapid on-site deployment
    Plug & play integration

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    5B Maverick blocks are pre-assembled and prewired at a factory, then packed vertically so that four blocks can be fitted into a standard 40 foot shipping container with a total weight of under the maximum 6 tonne payload. Once onsite 5B Mavericks blocks can be easily unloaded and expanded into a ground-mount East-West solar array, requiring minimal ground penetration, and no need for cable trenching or significant ground work.

    As a result, 5B Mavericks can be significantly faster and safer to deploy than traditional single axis solar trackers, or comparable solar racking solutions, and require fewer people are on-site.

    Introducing 5B Ecosystem

    The 5B Ecosystem is a network of Component, Assembly, Logistics, Deployment and O&M partners created to accelerate the delivery of solar power generation based on 5B Maverick technology.

    5B is continuing to expand this network of established PV solutions businesses to assemble, deliver, deploy, operate and maintain 5B Maverick solar solutions. Together, we aim to be the safest, fastest and most cost effective solar farm technology available for customers.

    Why become a 5B Ecosystem partner?

  • Boost your business with a strong sales pipeline of pre-qualified leads, and opportunities to contribute to the construction, operation and maintenance of 5B Maverick solar farms.
  • Onboarding features extensive technical training and ongoing support offering cost optimisation, a practical approach to safety and quality systems, continuous improvement, and innovation.
  • Gain access to a technology pathway delivering consistent improvements to design, ease of handling, accelerated deployment, increased power density and emissions reductions.

  • Become a partner

    Core disciplines within the ecosystem

    Component partners
    Component partners help streamline and accelerate our supply chain operations and bring forward optimization, resiliency and redundancy plans for supply chain continuity by providing components for 5B technology and solutions.

    Logistics partners
    Logistics partners are industrial and construction logistics specialists in global logistics and freight-forwarding management and are supported through extensive training to streamline and accelerate our supply chain operations.

    Deployment partners
    Deployment partners are drawn from existing EPC (engineering procurement and construction), building & construction, PV turn-key installers, electrical contracting, solar installation and remote mining power providers.

    Assembly partners
    Assembly partners are manufacturing and production focused businesses with broad exposure to working with steel and aluminum components in a production environment, with extensive experience in agile production, manual and automated assembly lines and lean manufacturing.

    Operations & Maintenance partners
    O&M partners are specialised technicians or subcontractors that are engaged upon project completion to provide onsite and remote monitoring, maintenance and operations on solar farms that use 5B Maverick solutions.

    Value-added partners
    The 5B Ecosystem is designed to constantly adapt to new market opportunities, and to incorporate new partners in line with emerging requirements. New Ecosystem partnering opportunities will continue to emerge as 5B accelerates its global expansion.

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