About 5B

5B is a clean-technology innovator, designing the future of energy. A future in which prefabrication, automated deployment, and operations are coupled with innovative ordering and delivery methods to turbocharge the rollout of solar energy production across the USA.

By 2050, solar PV generation is forecast to account for at least 40% of total energy produced requiring 40TW of generation capacity. This is where 5B will be instrumental in driving a massive acceleration of solar generation capabilities.

5B Maverick

Our 5B Maverick technology is driving a paradigm shift in the delivery, integration, and operation of clean energy, from project-by-project, in-situ construction to rapid deployment of standardized products and solutions.

5B Maverick is a fully prefabricated, plug & play solar farm in a box. 5B ground mount solar solution designed to be safer, more cost effective and faster to deploy for utility-scale, commercial and industrial, and offgrid solar power generation sectors, compared to traditional single axis solar trackers or comparable solar racking solutions.

Robust and redeployable, 5B Maverick blocks are pre-assembled and pre-wired at a factory, then packed vertically so that four blocks can be fitted into a standard 40 foot shipping container with a total weight of under the maximum 6 tonne payload.

Once onsite 5B Mavericks blocks can be easily unloaded and expanded into a ground-mount East-West solar array, requiring minimal ground penetration, and no need for cable trenching or significant ground work.

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5B Ecosystem

The 5B Ecosystem is a network of Component, Assembly, Logistics, Deployment, and O&M partners created to accelerate the delivery of solar power generation based on 5B Maverick technology.

5B is continuing to expand this network of established PV solutions businesses to assemble, deliver, deploy, operate and maintain 5B Maverick solar solutions.

We are looking for partners to quickly ramp up solar panel and 5B Maverick production, to offer the safest, fastest, and most cost effective solar farm technology available for power producers.

Why become a 5B Ecosystem partner?

  • Boost your business with a strong sales pipeline of pre-qualified leads, and opportunities to contribute to the construction, operation, and maintenance of 5B Maverick solar farms.
  • Onboarding features extensive technical training and ongoing support offering cost optimization, a practical approach to safety and quality systems, continuous improvement, and innovation.
  • Gain access to a technology pathway delivering consistent improvements to design, ease of handling, accelerated deployment, increased power density, and emissions reductions.

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