Large-scale solar has never been so

5B's rapidly deployed solar systems accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

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Five billion years of sun. How can we maximise it?

Speed is key in the race to decarbonise

5B Maverick deploys up to 10x times faster than conventional solar technologies, delivering earlier power generation and an unprecedented ability to scale up solar developments.

Unlock more solar sites

5B Maverick generates up to 1.6x more power per hectare than conventional solar technologies unlocking the potential to increase energy generation on sites and making it ideal for land constrained locations.

Smarter workforce utilisation

Reduce time spent on key onsite activities by roughly 80% compared to conventional solar technologies, including geotechnical, mechanical, and electrical engineering with the prefabricated 5B Maverick.

Safer teams. Smoother projects

Prefabricated in a controlled automated factory, 5B Maverick reduces teams’ exposure to hazardous working conditions, lowers weather-related construction delays and mechanical failures.

Introducing_5B_Maverick (1)

Introducing the 5B Maverick

Up to

More power
per hectare*
Faster to
Workforce efficiency*
Wind rating
Less onsite DC
cabling work*

"5B's solution not only reduces the construction time, you’re also connecting the assets to the grid and generating much faster."

deployed in 1 day by a team of 10
tonnes of CO2 avoided annually for AES
Tristan Wallbank
Engineering and construction director, AES Andes

5B’s growing impact on the world

Project sites
5B Mavericks deployed
Capacity deployed
CO2 emissions avoided

We’re on a mission to solve the climate crisis via solar innovation

Our vision is of a world where abundant, accessible, and affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs.

Our name 5B, is a reference to the almost infinite amount of energy potential in the 5 billion years of sunshine the earth has left, designed to provoke the question; ‘How will we use it?’

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