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5B is an Australian solar pioneer, rapidly accelerating the deployment of large-scale solar with its prefabricated, pre-wired ground mount technology.

Our mission is to accelerate access to low-cost, safely deployed, gigawatt-scale solar energy by driving industrialisation throughout the entire solar supply chain.

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A brief history

5B was founded in 2013 by solar engineers Chris McGrath and Eden Tehan to solve the problems they encountered while working on some of Australia’s first large-scale solar projects.

Lifting and installing solar modules manually in hot and hazardous conditions, it occurred to them that the design and construction of large-scale solar farms would look very different if entrenched methods were discarded and someone started with a blank slate.

From this kernel of an idea, the 5B Maverick was born, an accordion-style prefabricated, pre-wired 50-70 kilowatt solar array, that can be deployed in under an hour by a small crew.

Prefabrication is at the heart of 5B's philosophy. Our aim is to take tasks out of the field and into a controlled factory environment. 

“Our goal was to make solar deployment faster, lower cost, lower risk, safer, and easier."

Chris McGrath, co-founder, 5B

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