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Create a world where abundant, accessible, affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs.

If you share our values of 'Be Safe', 'Be Bold', 'Be True', and 'Make a Difference', and you're ready to be part of our solar revolution, apply today!

  • Be safe. Be focused and present, stop work when needed
  • Be bold. Cultivate a maverick mindset that takes calculated risks and learns from mistakes
  • Be true. Hone your honesty, stay open to others and honour your word
  • Make a difference. Create an impact. Ensure that every contribution you make, leaves behind a lasting blueprint

5B perks at work

Party like it’s your birthday!

The ability to take your birthday off is just one of 5B’s perks at work. You still get to celebrate with colleagues - each month we celebrate our amazing 5Beings' birthdays with a fully catered morning tea.

Free coffee and breakfast bar

Coffee, breakfast and snacks are on us! We have a coffee machine, Kombucha on tap, a selection of cereals, bottomless fruit bowl and snack bar to keep you fully fueled and firing.

Flexible working

Be empowered to work in a way that brings out the best in you. We want to ensure that all of our 5Beings can thrive and be their best self, at work and in their personal life, supported by flexible working arrangements, remote working and shared parental leave.

5Being well-being

Life has speed bumps and it's at times like this that we need to show our humanity and support and acknowledge that sometimes it's OK to not be OK. We lend a hand to our 5Beings in times of hardship, including a round-the-clock counselling service.

Are you an adventurous spirit?

Like true pioneers and Mavericks, the 5B Adventure Club regularly enjoys climbing, scuba diving, trail running, culinary adventures, and so much more. If you like meeting new people and trying new things, you'll love our smorgasbord of social clubs - we're a very eclectic mob.

Mentoring and personal development

Some of the brightest and most experienced brains in the PV solar industry work at 5B. We provide room and opportunities for you to grow by leveraging their smarts — on your own and with your teammates. 



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