AES Andes IIB remote solar farm, Chile

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Fast facts

10.6 MWp
5B Mavericks
Days to deploy
People onsite

Benefits of 5B Maverick in Andes IIB project

Maximise revenue

5B Maverick improves the economic viability of projects in remote areas and high-cost labour markets by reducing the time to undertake key onsite activities by roughly 80%.

It also creates a faster pathway to market for solar PV renewable energy generation assets.

Quick to deploy, earlier generation

Deployment on this project was completed in 43 days with only 10 people - 65% faster than it would have had the team used single access trackers. This included deploying 1.1 MWp+ in 1 day with 10 people, setting a solar speed record.

High energy density - makes dud sites viable

The high energy density of the 5B Maverick design compared to single access tracker or fixed tilt technologies, overcomes land constraints which stop many sites from being developed.

Less labour

In remote areas like the Atacama Desert, it is difficult to find the labor you need to deploy solar projects. The speed of the 5B Maverick deployment, plus the fact that it is prefabricated means less people are required onsite for less time.


“At the end of the day, lowering the cost of energy is everything. We are going to continue to work with 5B to further innovate and further improve the execution process together.”

Tristan Wallbank

Director of market development, AES Andes

“5B Maverick is an ideal solution for this kind of project. It allows us to put less staff at risk. It demands less logistics. It makes it more efficient regarding safety, economy and implementation time.”

Javier Villena

CEO & founder of 5B's Chilean deployment partner SolarMovil

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