NOVA, off-grid nickel mine, WA

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Fast facts

5B customer: Zenith Energy 
End user: IGO Ltd
Remote, off-grid mining solution

10 MWp
5B Mavericks
Days to deploy
People onsite



The Nova nickel mine required a solar solution, but was faced with problems in the projected lifetime use of the asset at that site. The solution would have to be removed after 5 years. 



The 5B Maverick's redeployability made it the best solution for the project. With a small team (minimum of 3), the asset could be packed up, moved and redeployed at a different site. This completely removes a risk of stranded assets. 


Benefits of 5B Maverick for off-grid and remote mines

Energy density

The 5B Maverick solution achieves typically 98% more energy yield per unit area (kWh/hectare/annum) than single axis tracker systems and 87% more when compared to fixed tilt structure PV array systems*. The increased density reduces overall system footprint, lower dc losses, and provides flexibility in layout design to better manage earthwork requirements and other civil design constraints.


Less labour constraints

The 5B Maverick is suited for remote and off-grid projects. Our solution requires 70% less labour hours compared to single axis trackers**. With a team of just 3 personel, a 5B Maverick can be safely deployed.


*based on DNV modelling of 6 sites, latitudes ranging from -12.5° to +43.6° (prepared 12/2021).

**Based on 5B comparative studies conducted across sites in Australia and Chile. Includes piling, module mounting and string cabling.


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