Wurrumiyunga, Tiwi Islands

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Fast facts

5B customer: Circular Solutions Pty Ltd 
End user: Power and Water NT
Remote, cyclonic and high corrosion region deployment

1.2 MWp
5B Mavericks
Days to deploy
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Bathurst Island, part of the  Tiwi Islands, is nestled off the northern coast of Australia. Currently, the local community heavily depends on diesel generators for their energy needs, posing economic and environmental challenges.

The area is cyclone classified area and remote, making reliable energy production difficult. 



In a significant leap forward, the communities solar capability was upgraded to 1.2-megawatt, heralding a promising future where solar energy will account for half of the region's power supply. The 5B Maverick is cyclone resistant and able to withstand windspeeds of 72m/s. Making it perfect for this application. 

This initiative not only promises substantial cost savings for the government by reducing its dependence on expensive diesel fuel but also delivers a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. By harnessing the abundant sunlight of the region, the Tiwi Islands are poised to not only enhance their energy resilience but also pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

Benefits of 5B Maverick in the Tiwi Island

Energy density

The 5B Maverick solution achieves typically 98% more energy yield per unit area (kWh/hectare/annum) than single axis tracker systems and 87% more when compared to fixed tilt structure PV array systems*. The increased density reduces overall system footprint, lower dc losses, and provides flexibility in layout design to better manage earthwork requirements and other civil design constraints.


Cyclonic conditions

The 5B Maverick solution is configurable to meet the needs of projects being deployed into the most demanding environments. Certified to withstand cyclonic wind speeds (up to 72 m/s, 3.4 kPa, AS1170.2:2021), and designed for highly corrosive environments (C4 resistance), the 5B Maverick is a highly robust and dependable ground-mount solar solution.


*based on DNV modelling of 6 sites, latitudes ranging from -12.5° to +43.6° (prepared 12/2021).


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