Colon power plant, Panama

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Fast facts

5B customer: AES Panama
Deployment partner: Efitec SA
Grid connected, behind-the-meter power plant

1.9 MWp
5B Mavericks
Days to deploy
People on site


Situated on the Atlantic coast, the Colon Natural Gas Power Plant site is subject to severe coastal weather including hurricanes, and is situated on spongy recently reclaimed wetlands.

Existing structures on the site restricted access, adding to labour and administration costs. Time-on-site needed to be minimised.

Meanwhile, the ongoing operations and maintenance of the plant required an easy and cost effective to solution to relocate.


The unique design of the 5B Maverick hinges, ballasts and beams makes it ideally suited to projects in corrosive, high-wind environments. Suddenly, a site once considered too marginal for other solar farm technologies, became viable. 

Pre-fabricated, pre-wired, packed and delivered in shipping containers, the 5B Maverick offered enormous benefits in terms of deployment time on site, and a significant reduction in the civil works and ground penetration. This made it possible to for the 5B ballasted system to be rolled onto the site with minimal preparation, and deployed at a rate of 1 MW per week, with a team of just three. 

The relocatable nature of the 5B Maverick solution made it possible to quickly remove and redeploy arrays to make way for a building project just 18 months after the initial installation. 

Benefits of 5B Maverick in Colon Natural Gas Power Plant project

Minimal site preparation required

5B Maverick requires very minimal ground preparation. A ballasted system, it can simply be rolled onto the ground.

Modular design

Packing for overseas shipping is simple, quick and low-risk, since everything is prefabricated and loaded into shipping containers at our manufacturing partner’s facility.

Ultra rapid deployment. Low touch

1MWp in 1 week with only a team of three people - a much higher rate of resource efficiency and a third of the deployment time compared to using traditional solar technologies.

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