Port Bonython hydrocarbon processing plant, Australia

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Fast facts

5B customer: AGL Energy
End user: Santos
Deployment: 5B
Grid connected, behind-the-meter hydrocarbon processing plant

2.1 MWp
5B Mavericks
Days to deploy
People onsite


Located near the mining and ship-building town of Whyalla, Port Bonython is home to a hydrocarbon processing facility.

The highly sensitive nature of the site restricted access and limited movement of people and resources. Finding staff and sufficient housing to lodge them is a substantial challenge.

Amid these conditions, AGL Energy was looking for a cost effective, simple solution to deliver over 2MWp of solar power to Santos'  hydrocarbon processing facility to reduce its overall energy costs.


Dry, windy and close to the coast, the Port Bonython site is the perfect location for the 5B Maverick’s stable and robust design. 

Prefabricated, pre-wired, packed and delivered in shipping containers, the 5B Maverick offered huge benefits in terms of logistics to and from the deployment  site. It required minimal additional component delivery and negligible waste removal. 

Once onsite the 5B Maverick pods are positioned and extended into arrays  using a specialised forklift with minimal manual intervention. The entire project took just three weeks to deploy with a team of three.




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